Our pets are family members, and we should show them off in our home the same way that we display photos of our kids and extended family. While you can pop some candid pictures of your pets into some frames, there are many creative ways to show your pet photos.

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1. Wall Art

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, you can decorate your space with pictures of your pets. Wall art comes in many different forms. Choose your favorite photos to turn into print tiles that you can stick directly to your wall without nails or hangers. You can also opt to have your pictures printed on a canvas material, wood, or metal.

2. Blankets

Puppy cuddled up on a plaid blanket

Photo by: Josh Hild 

When your furry friend doesn’t want to snuggle up on the couch with you, you can snuggle up until a blanket that has their photo on it instead. There are several varieties you can choose from made of many materials, but the most common option is a simple photo blanket with the image printed right onto the fabric.

Higher-end brands often weave the blanket with different colored threads that will construct the picture, which is more expensive but lasts much longer. Either option is a great way to show off funny dog pictures or a picture of your pet just as it falls asleep.

3. Crystal Décor

After you upload a favorite photo of your pet, the picture will be etched into a piece of crystal. It looks even better if you include a lighted base underneath it that helps accentuate the design. Many companies even allow you to put text in the layout so you can add a special message.

4. Socks

Show off your pet photos when you go to work or get together with friends. Custom sock companies allow you to print your pet’s face onto a pair of comfortable socks. Lift up your pant leg to get the conversation flowing about where you got your socks and who your favorite furry buddies are! Other clothing options include t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and even pajama pants.

5. Coasters

Coasters can be made in several different styles and out of a variety of materials. Pet coasters can feature any photo that you want. Have a stockpile of funny dog photos or elegant pictures of your cat you want to share with guests? You can size the pictures to fill out the entire coaster or feature a collage of your favorite pictures on each coaster. Make a whole set for the favorite rooms of your home.

6. Holiday Ornaments

French bulldog surrounded by Christmas decor

Photo by: Jakob Owens 

Don’t forget to include your pet on your family Christmas tree each year! There are tons of different photo ornaments out there featuring all kinds of designs. Choose a bone-shaped decoration with your dog’s photo and name on it. You can select a three-dimensional cat that resembles your pet, along with their name and the year you adopted them.

7. Magnets

Want a way to look at a cute picture of your beloved pup or cuddly feline without tape, nails, or permanent hangers? Stick a photo magnet to the nearest metal object. Photo magnets can attach to your refrigerator, metal cabinets, or other metal surfaces at home or work. This is a really affordable option that lets you place funny cat photos or other pet pictures just about anywhere.

8. Photo String Lights

An adorable way to display photos is to purchase a set of photo string lights. These lights can be purchased with a discrete battery pack attached, which allows you to hang them pretty much anywhere in your home. They’ll give off a lovely ambiance in your home, but you can then clip photos of your pets to the display as well.

9. Puzzles

A photo puzzle is an excellent option for displaying your pet’s photo, but this also makes for an enjoyable activity. You can often choose the number of pieces that you want in the puzzle, the border color, and choose an entire photo collage for a single puzzle. When it’s done, display it in a frame. You can also leave it out on your coffee table for a bit.

10. Personalized Frames

If you still want to include a few traditional frames in your home, you can opt for a personalized frame. You can engrave a frame with your pet’s initials, birth date, nickname, or even a favorite quote that reminds you of them. Picture frames are offered in all kinds of designs and materials that include everything from metal and wood. These frames can be found in traditional styles hung on the wall or even clear crystal frames that look great on a foyer table or bookshelf.

After you automatically backup all of your favorite shots with the Pet Photo Saver, you can conveniently shop online for many of these pet photo options. Your guests will be impressed by the creative ways you’ve chosen to highlight the furry members of your family through various items in your home. Your favorite photos can create a beautiful display that celebrates the memories you make with your beautiful pets.

October 26, 2021
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