No technical knowledge needed:

As easy as 1,2,3!

Pet Photo Saver is more than a flash drive. Our smart USB drive comes embedded with software as unique as your furry friend! With 16GB of storage, you can backup and save up to 4,000 pet photos or 140 minutes of videos.


Plugin The Smart USB Drive

Our MFI certified lightning port plugs directly into iPhones and iPads (iPhone 5 and newer (iOS 10+) and iPads, excluding the iPad Pro Plus 12.9"). Have an Android phone or tablet with all your pet memories? No worries! Every Pet Photo Saver comes with a Keeper Connector - an adapter that will turn the USB side into a Micro USB and Type-C port for Android devices (Android OTG (Android 5+). Looking to transfer photos from your phone to your PC/Mac Computer? Once you backup all your photos from your phone onto the Pet Photo Saver drive, plug the USB side (or use the adapter for Type-C ports) into your computer for easy transfer!


Automatically Find Your Pet Photos:

Our Pet Facial Recognition feature works like magic to find every pet photo and video on your phone. Tap “Start Saving Photos” and sit back and relax. There’s no dragging and dropping necessary - that’s what makes it so easy! You can be sure that the Pet Facial Recognition feature is scanning each photo to see if there is a pet in it or not. Our favorite part is the slideshow of your pet photos and videos. Watch a lifetime of memories go by as they are saved right onto the Pet Photo Saver drive. 


Relive Every Moment with Your Fur Friends:

Pet Photo Saver is perfect for pet parents! No more scrolling through your phone to show off your favorite pet photos, just plug in your Pet Photo Saver drive and reminisce from gotcha’ day til now. Pet Profiles keep those photos nice and organized, so you can quickly see how big your pup has gotten or share your favorite cat photos with friends! Need a gift for a fellow pet parent or just looking to treat yourself? Our customizable photo gifts are PURRfect! From prints and tiles, to mugs and mousepads you can give a meaningful gift or bring your pet everywhere you go!