People love Pet Photo Saver!

"I love going into Lucy's profile and remembering how small of a puppy she was. It's like watching her grow up all over again!"
- Candace

"Just when I thought I had all of the crazy cat lady knick knacks I could find, my sister surprised me with a Pet Photo Saver!"
- Kelly 
“The Pet Photo Saver is a must for busy families or those that love to take photos of their pets. It’s such a brilliant concept that I can’t believe this is the first time anyone has ever thought about it.”
"Found this online and had to have it for me and my sister, we're crazy cat ladies!" 
- Diana 
" No one loves their cat more than me. I use my Pet Photo Saver to save and share Oliver's funniest poses with all my friends."
- Craig 
"I’m a professional photographer and my dogs come along for my shoots. I'm always taking candid shots of them while working. Being able to find and sort them out of the rest of the shots has made things so much easier." 
- Tim 

"I run a cat rescue operation and take so many photos. This thing has made it so much easier to keep them in one place and pass them off to our admin."
- Carol 
“Give two paws up to Pet Photo Saver, a lifesaver for anyone who loves to boast about a furry friend who has been photographed pretty much daily by their doting paw-rents!”
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