Created by pet parents, for pet parents.

Dedicated to never losing your pets' photos again.

At Pet Photo Saver, our team is focused on making it easy to enjoy and show off your pet photos and videos. Designed for pet parents, like us, we understand that a bond between a pet and their human is like no other. Constantly capturing sweet photos and videos with our pets, we wanted an easy and reliable way to find, organize, and relive them. So we created Pet Photo Saver - for you and for us.

Our team had all paws on deck to create something that feels like magic. Pet Photo Saver’s unique Pet Facial Recognition scans your entire camera roll to find all of your pet photos and videos. From dogs & cats to birds & fish every pet, fur or not, will be found and saved right onto the Pet Photo Saver.

About Simplified IT Products, LLC

Based in Atlanta, GA, Simplified IT Products, LLC is a pioneer in developing simple, affordable solutions for the mass market. Solutions include one of the world’s first all-in-one USB devices with embedded software to protect pictures and other irreplaceable files.