We believe that it should be easy, simple, and fun to save and share your favorite pet moments.

At Pet Photo Saver, our team is focused on making it easy to enjoy your photos. We work together to keep things simple, fun, and reliable. After a decade of experience building solutions for digital images, we came together to find a better way to find and protect our precious pet photos. As pet parents and busy people, we all wanted to get and stay organized, safely store and backup our images, and to enjoy and relive our favorite pet memories. So, we built Pet Photo Saver–for you and for us.

When our founder and CEO Matt's close friend lost all her pictures on her computer during a lightning storm, he was struck by inspiration. With Matt’s background in technology, he began to develop a simple, foolproof way to protect digital images. Almost a decade later, our team continues to build leading solutions that help busy people back up and protect irreplaceable memories from their smartphones, computers and tablets in a way that is hassle-free.

With Pet Photo Saver, our team worked together to build something that feels like magic. Pet Photo Saver will scan an entire digital photo album in minutes to recognize dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals (like hamsters or bunnies), horses, and even reptiles. Photos are organized and safely stored right onto the drive with the press of a button. It's that simple. Every pet owner's baby, fur or not, is precious. Plus, there are so many people out there who love and care for animals as far more than pets–from trainers to Instagram pet parents to sporting. Pet Photo Saver's vision is driven by simplicity, ease of use, and reliability for everyone.

About Simplified I.T. Products, LLC

Based in Atlanta, GA, Simplified IT Products, LLC is a pioneer in developing simple, affordable solutions for the mass market. Solutions include one of the world’s first all-in-one USB devices with embedded software to protect pictures and other irreplaceable files.