Type C Converter

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Disclaimer: Pet Photo Saver not included.  Not for use with an iPhone or iPad.  If you need to back up an Apple iOS device.


Mobile devices and computers aren’t always as compatible as we might like. Take transferring photos, for instance. Older computers and laptops use USB Type-A ports, which have been the standard port for years.

Times change. Newer model computers, including MacBooks, now use USB Type-C ports. Phones and mobile devices are also switching to the new Type-C connections, which are faster, and best of all, fit into the port no matter which side of the USB is upright.

Unfortunately, this change in USB styles comes with a serious problem—transferring photos from older devices to new ones just got a lot more complicated. This was an issue we couldn’t ignore.  

Introducing the Type - C Connector

The Type - C Connector is a USB Type-C converter designed to give Pet Photo Saver drives the ability to backup and transfer photos to and from devices with Type-C USB ports. Simply connect the Keeper Connector to your existing Picture Keeper drive, plug it into a Type-C USB port, and the Pet Photo Saver backup software will get to work.

Technology changes quickly. With the Type - C Connector, you can keep using your existing Type-A USB Pet Photo Saver drive to a backup, store, and restore your valuable files and photos on old and new computers and mobile devices.


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